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Marine Sounds

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Click here to remember how we started our day!


These are some great DI wav files that are sure to bring back some memories and make you laugh! 

WARNING! Some are very graphic! Just the way we heard the sweet DI back in Boot Camp! 


  1. DI Kindly asking who spoke in the squad bay.

  2. DI's views about God.

  3. DI asks a recruit to exercise.

  4. DI would like to know if there is a problem.

  5. DI makes a friend with a recruit.

  6. Another request from the DI.

  7. DI asks a recruit to correct himself.

  8. DI says good night.

  9. DI would like to know a recruit's name.

  10. 1 2 3 4 I love the Corps!

  11. Your ass belongs to the Corps!

  12. Boom Boom long time.

  13. Where is your honor?

  14. Mary Jane Rotten Crotch.

  15. The Comedian.

  16. Steers and Queers

  17. The 5 ft 9 inch private

  18. What is that?

  19. Who asks the questions?